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timeless lake life

The Bay House was originally a tourist rooming house called "Solid Comfort Resort" with 28 rooms established in the 1930. At that time, Williams Bay was the portal to Geneva Lake - as the trains came directly from Chicago. From here, people would travel via yacht to their lakefront estates. Since the railroad has left, Williams Bay is now the quieter, historically-rich and laid-back village on this stunning spring-fed, second deepest lake in Wisconsin.

​Today, The Bay House is a 3-bedroom, one bath house just steps away from the lake. Stay here, and you'll get to live like a local. Start your day with coffee on the porch, walk to the beach, rent a paddle board, take a sailing class, hike through 136 acres of preserved nature, walk the 22-mile shore path and pour a glass of something and fire up the grill or walk to one of our fantastic restaurants. Then, repeat. In winter, hop on the snowmobile trail just 1 block away, go ice fishing, go ice partying, try downhill or cross-country skiing, tour Yerkes Observatory and enjoy the magic of winter. Then, repeat.

"The house has everything you could want. I want to move in!" - Suzy Michalets

"Williams Bay is the true Mayville." - Laurie Leitner

"There's no place like Geneva Lake." - Williams Steinbrecher

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